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Natural healing involves moving from a state of non-health into health by integrating the three aspects of being

New Services Offered!

Life Path Coaching

Rev. Christy Johnson, LSP, CRM



If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, than Holistic Life Path Coaching is for BUSY WOMEN like YOU!

“Living Your Best Life is Your Highest Call.”

I invite you to Live from the Inside, Out and from the Top, Down. 

Your Life – Your Choice!

“My mission as a holistic life path coach is to educate and support busy women in learning how to nourish themselves, inspire and empower them to find balance, reduce stress, increase energy, and feel great about who they are!”

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Dr. Carol Winkfield, PhD



Natural Health Care


Holistic Nutrition


Energy Balancing


Body Mind Spirit

Affirm life and health with positive mental and emotional attitudes and responses, to create an optimal environment for healing


Cutting-edge Research today is uncovering tremendous evidence that we humans are creative and powerful beings, able to transform every area of our lives, including our health. Health is your natural state. Claim it now!


Dr. Carol

We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings. The truth about us is we are body, mind and spirit . When we face the world and the myriad things that go on with our bodies, our relationships and affairs, sometimes we forget or don't realize that life does not happen to us, rather it happens through us. It happens through our consciousness, through the things we think, feel and believe; our attitudes, judgments, mental and emotional outlook. These things, in turn, govern the choices we make from day to day regarding the foods we eat, the amount of exercise, rest and sunshine we get, and all that we do. All of this constitutes our lifestyle.

When we are faced with illness, that can be the most "forgetting" time of all, and yet that is exactly the time to reconnect, and re-balance. My work, as a Natural Health Professional is to "re mind" you. I believe each body has its own wisdom and the true healer lies within. I can assist you in awakening the Divine Healer within. When we reconnect the three aspects of our self, body mind spirit, we heal in a Natural Way.

Hello Friend, I am Dr. Carol. I've been expecting you! Let's get connected.


Biofield Energy Work
Healing Touch
Quantum Touch

Emotional Freedom Technique


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New Class beginning October 27
Holistic Nutrition

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BODY - Pure Food and Water

MIND - Moments of Love and Laughter

SPIRIT - Divine Love and Light

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Dr. Carol is a board certified Natural Health Professional

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